• We have moved from a world where mobile didn’t exist, to one where mobile was an afterthought, to one where mobile is often considered first. Why? Because more people now access the Web through mobile devices than through desktops. For more info on responsive web design, see Google’s Mobile Friendly Websites article.
  • For truly stunning graphic design work, including prints you can order, check out the spectacular work of my beloved, Serena King.
  • Interested in learning how to code? I recommend learning from a variety of sources, and paying attention to how you learn, so you can feed yourself more of what works. For me, Codeschool was a really fantastic resource. I stuck with it and ended up adding to my HTML and CSS skills with Master’s status in both JavaScript and Ruby.
  • Another aspect that’s fueled the impressive growth of WordPress is its documentation. It’s documented really well, and really transparently. Need to figure something out re: the inner-workings of your site? Get started at the WordPress codex main page. And of course, if you need consulting assistance, just fire me an email.