web-consultingBehind every great web application is a team of people who collaborated to make it happen. The genesis of the idea might have begun with the vision of one or two people, but it’s the collaborative approach that turns the dream into reality.

Whether you’re early on in your planning stage, or you’re chomping at the bit to get a prototype built, I’m here to lend insight and expertise along the way. I can come alongside and nurture that vision into something tangible, something that’s actually ready to go to market.

My diverse background in everything from initial design and mockups, to the development of CMS-driven websites running on platforms like WordPress and Joomla, to the building of dynamic, responsive applications with tools like Ruby on Rails or Angular and Node, means that I can not only get stuff done; but I can quickly ascertain which path is the best one to take for any given project. And when a particular project demands the kind of background experience that I don’t possess personally, I can recruit others to aid in the process.

globalThe tools and technologies now available to build tomorrow’s web applications are astounding; so much can be accomplished, and in relatively short order. Of course, this assumes one knows what one is doing; and that a particular path for development has been chosen because it matches up with the needs and trajectory of a particular application/idea. This is a lot to assume, however. And that’s exactly why consulting is so important. Plan twice, code once, as the saying goes. That’s a motto I like to live by. Of course, this assumes one has the requisite knowledge to plan well. And that’s exactly what I bring to the table in my role as a consulting web strategist.

So… if you need something built, and you’re ready to really get serious about moving forward, let’s talk. I’m here to help make it happen.