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Learning to Code: A Tale of Two Approaches


I’ve noticed an interesting debate emerge as of late, revolving around how best to lean to code. Some people claim you should start with a general computer science foundation, and then move into specific languages and their respective syntaxes from

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WordPress or Rails? It Depends on What You’re Building


I recently had someone who knew that I worked with both Rails and WordPress ask me which is the better choice for a new site he was building. Of course, my immediate response was, “that really depends on what you’re

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Ruby on Rails vs. Node and the MEAN Stack


Recently I decided it’d be wise to seek out some consensus as to where the future of web development is going. After all, the best way to be position yourself to be a successful developer in 2017, is to know

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Why Design Matters (And It’s Not What You Think!)


As you peruse through my musings here at, you’ll find that I am a major advocate for good design. But perhaps you’ll protest. Perhaps you’ll argue that design trends are always changing; and that design is nothing close to

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Design, Development, and Non-Duality


Now, how’s that for a catchy title? It got your attention, right? But what on earth do I mean? Well, if you’re from the world of web app creation, you’re probably well aware that design and development tend to be

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